Soft Contract Design & Staging

When we design and specify furnishings for a soft contract space, we qualify the key elements of the project first, as there are differences between residential and contract design. We focus on our client’s end-user as this is tantamount to a successful project. The goal in this scenario is to create a space that is defined by the feeling and flavor of the how the space will be used. Spaces that are designed using residential guidelines and include furnishings that are manufactured to contract specifications, combine the necessary exact ingredients. Social elements, color palettes & current trends all come together to make the soft contract space feel great and last the expected time frame before it is necessary to refresh!

For example:

A common room in a luxury condominium is designed and furnished as a family room/rec room complete with sectional sofa, wet bar, pool table & more! However, this room will have many residents using this space, eating and having fun, and it needs to withstand constant use. In this case, fabrics & furniture, carpet and certain finishes need to be of contract quality and look terrific!  This is what we do!

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