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Does Your Stager Measure Up?       
By Connie Bressman
January 16, 2019                                                                                                                

When hiring a stager for your property, ensure they abide by these simple tricks of the trade. 

We use the correct size area rug 

An area rug has to be the right size for the room just like the furniture. Don’t scrimp on an area rug that is too small or you will end up making your room look smaller. This is the last thing a successful stage should do!



We use the right amount of accessories & wall art

Each staged room needs to compliment the property and highlight the strengths and architectural details. A cluttered confusing room where there is no place for the eye to rest, will make for one very distracted homebuyer.



We make sure the drapery panels enhance the room

Our preference is an open clean view, but when the homeowner insists on keeping their “custom” window treatments, we have to put our foot down when these drapery panels rest at six inches above the floor! With all due respect, someone made an error when measuring for these “custom” window treatments. We want the future homebuyer to feel that the property has been well-maintained and leaving these drapery panels shows the opposite.


We like to mix styles.
A staged home will draw the future homeowner in and create a cozy inviting ambiance. One singular design style creates a sterile, hotel feel, that we may enjoy for a few days, but ultimately do not want to live in. A combination of design styles that enhances the space and provides character shows the future homeowner what their new home can look like.


We use trendy décor sparingly. 

It’s important that a staged property be current and up to date; but using the time-honored adage of “Less is More” to guide the selection of furniture and accessories is a must. It is a poor choice to use too many new colors, patterns or finishes together in a staged home. We want to appeal to as many future homeowners as possible and the goal is for them to remember the property, NOT the purple room with the glitter pillows!



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Using a Property’s Architectural Elements 
By Connie Bressman
May, 17, 2018

When you first visit a property and tour the entire space, you should immediately be thinking about how you will enhance the assets and downplay any weaknesses. For every property there are potential buyers with a myriad amount of likes and dislikes and the goal of staging is to appeal to as many of those buyers as possible.

A property that has a natural focal point is a great place to start. An area of interest that can capture the buyer’s attention, such as a fireplace, a grouping of windows or a niche; can become a place around which to build your staging design.

You will need to plan your furniture placement, color palette and defining accessories such as wall art, for each space that you are staging, whether there is an obvious focal point or not.  It is necessary to always utilize the best vantage point of each room and illustrate each room’s strength, in order for the potential buyer to appreciate the property’s possibilities – Connie B.