Our ESSENTIAL staging package is just that; an assortment of furnishings & accessories for the absolute essential spaces of your property. Staging these rooms is the minimum needed to sell your property in the shortest time and for the maximum price. This package is clean and focused in order to target key areas of the property and highlight focal attributes.




Starting at $2500 for the initial staging term.

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Our PREMIUM staging package is the optimal choice for large scale properties with a specific demographic focus. These projects are unique and need a specialized staging design assortment and plan in order to achieve the end goal. These packages utilize our top tier inventory. A required three-week lead time is tantamount to providing the specific staging assortment that is integral in ensuring the most successful stage.



Starting at $3800 for the initial staging term.

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Our CUSTOM-CURATED  staging package is the consummate choice for the property needing an elite and individualized assortment.  This package offers the ability to reserve furnishings within our inventory as well as to source exclusive individual pieces that are commensurate with your brand identity. This package allows for a collaborative effort in order to meet strict standards and  expectations.  A minimum five-week lead time is necessary to provide this turnkey staging package.  


Please Connect with us to schedule a time to discuss your custom curated staging package needs

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