Preparing Your Home For Sale



Is Your Home Ready for Sale?


  • Be sure that all bulbs are working and are of the same wattage and shape
  • Show home with all lights on

Floor Covering

  • All should be clean, free of stains and excessive wear

Walls and Ceilings

  • Remove any dirt, fingerprints, nails, cracks or tape residue
  • Repair any cracks, chips or other damage
  • A fresh coat of paint will do wonders; Paint all rooms that show excessive wear and tear


  • Remove any dirt or fingerprints
  • Ensure that doors open and close easily and that all doorknobs are clean and attached securely


  • Be sure windows, frames and sills are clean with no smudges, cracks or chips, finger prints
  • Screens have no holes and are clean function easily

Window Treatments

  • Clean, no excessive wear or sun damage, function easily
  • Open for views and maximum sunlight


  • Welcome mat clean and attractive
  • Check outside corners for cobwebs and other debris


  • Should be 50% full and nothing on floor
  • Remove bags, suitcases, laundry baskets

Kitchen – Clean, clean, clean!

  • Keep countertops free of excess appliances
  • Refrigerator clean and well organized
  • Stovetop and oven clean with no cooking residue
  • Trash can empty and hidden from view
  • Cabinets organized and not overflowing
  • Dishwasher clean
  • Never leave dishes in the sink

Living room, dining room, bedrooms

  • Thoroughly clean and dusted
  • Fragile items removed and stored
  • Valuables removed and locked away
  • Mirrors always clean and in good condition


  • Personal items removed and stored
  • Toilet seat always left down
  • Clean towels folded and hanging neatly
  • Trash can always empty; hide if possible
  • Personal items removed from medicine cabinet

Outside Area

  • Always mow lawn, dead leaves and other debris removed, flower beds maintained and
    weeded, deck furniture clean, firewood neatly stacked

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