Color & Design Personality

Get to Know Your Color & Design Personality

Figure out your design personality and find out how you can achieve maximum design success when working with an interior designer.

Often times when you think about how you would like to design and decorate your home, you just don’t know where to start! Below are some of the myriad questions with which you may be wrestling & realize that you are not alone while on your path to design heaven!

  • How do I achieve a balance between what I like (if I even know what this is,) and what I should have?
  • What colors should I use and how do I know I will like them for a long time
  • What if I have a favorite pillow or piece of art and the colors are not the same as my room?
  • How do you want to feel in your space? Do you want to come home and feel energized and renewed or calm and relaxed?
  • Do you collect fabric swatches, design articles, pages you have ripped out of magazines that you think are the perfect representation of what you want for your home? Did you have a design file organized before Pinterest was even around?
  • Are you always looking for the perfect fabric or the most interesting accessory? Do you feel that you are always on the hunt and love to have a friend with you to help make a decision? Are you easily overwhelmed by too many choices?
  • Do you often rush to the end of a decision because you find so many things you love? Do you sometimes wish you could wait a little while before hitting the GO button? Do you feel that you have a great inner design aesthetic but have trouble expressing it exactly as you see it in your mind’s eye?


Whether you see yourself in some of these questions or some of these questions describe you, once you have decided to work with an interior designer, it is best to share yourself as much as possible! Open yourself and be prepared to utilize your designer’s strengths and experience. There are no judgments, only the start of a wonderful relationship where we will travel together to reach your ultimate design goals.

Your vision is not right or wrong; it may be a mix of ideas that share colors or details or be consistent and easily identified. Whatever it is, it is YOU and the best-case scenario is to pay attention to what you like and to be true to yourself!

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