Q: Why professionally stage?

A: When selling your home, one of the largest investments, the goal is to sell the property for the most amount of money and in the shortest time possible. To get winning results you must make your home standout in potential buyer’s minds, as well as make an overwhelmingly positive impression. A price reduction is not something any seller wants to give and professionally staging your home will give you the best opportunity to sell at the asking price or above. Staging your home supports it to show at its 100% best. Most home buyers are looking for a home that meets their emotional needs for comfort and relaxation with a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere; staging will support the potential buyer’s needs and will allow them to envision living in the home.

Q: What is the difference between interior design and professional home staging?

A: Interior design personalizes your home, and professional home staging (PHS) neutralizes your home and refocuses your home’s appeal to capture the largest percentage of your target market. Whereas a uniquely designed interior may in fact hinder the sale of your home, PHS enhances the marketability of your home. PHS takes a turnkey home and emotionally elevates its marketability to bring in offers. Professional home staging is a marketing necessity.

Q: What time frame are we looking at?

A: The staging of most homes can be completed in one day.

Q: Why can’t I just do it myself?

A: For the very same reason you pay a doctor, lawyer, realtor, etc. If you want a professionally staged home that brings you full market price and the fastest sale, you hire gifted and experienced professionals who will add value to your home’s market value. In addition, most people do not have all the furniture pieces necessary to stage a home, and some people struggle with the “vision” for best staging their home.

Q: I’d like to put it on the market for a month to see if it sells. Then if it doesn’t, I’ll consider staging. My realtor advised me to stage before I put it on the market. Why?

A: The early weeks of a listing usually draw the most inquiries, traffic, and positive buyers. A prospective buyer will make their decision in 15 seconds! Your best buyers often come through in the earliest weeks of the listing. Buyers are looking for “new, fresh, wow listings” in your neighborhood. You want to capture these buyers with a great first impression the same as you want to make a great first impression in your job interview. In addition, realtors love to bring their clients through professionally staged homes, thus increasing your traffic.

Q: How do you work with my realtor?

A: We will coordinate our installation to best accommodate the schedule of your realtor.  It is important for us to plan the staging based on when the realtor would like to have the property professionally photographed and then list it. We enjoy and value the many relationships we have with realtors, and desire to work with them as a team to facilitate your strongest Real Estate marketing success.

Q: Do I have to be present?

A: Your home will be undergoing a total design transformation, and most home owners prefer not to be at home at the time of the installation. They love the anticipation and surprise of their house beautifully staged!

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: We have been in business since 2009 and have years of professional design and real estate experience to serve our client needs. We saw a need in Washington, DC to offer home sellers and realtors an invaluable approach to marketing their homes, an approach that will empower them at the negotiating table to get full market value for their home.  Our job is to help you, the seller, help the buyer to emotionally connect with your home’s maximum potential. We have been assisting sellers in the marketing of their homes
consistantly for many years. We know what your buyers want and how to add that extra ambiance to your home to make it irresistible.

Our upscale custom approach consistently sets us above our competition. Exceeding expectations is always a priority at New Vision Staging & Design, LLC. Our hard work ethic and high-performance standards ensure that the majority of our homes sell in the first month for top dollar. The cost of the staging is well below several mortgage payments or less than a price reduction, and is tax deductible.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: The ultimate cost of the stage is based on the individual property, the number and size of the rooms and whether a client requests a standard or upgraded stage. The difference between standard & upgraded is generally the number of accessories, wall art & area rugs. We offer various packages from which to choose and together we will determine which one suits your needs and will achieve the goal of selling the property in the least amount of time and for the highest price.